Lindsey Shields
Lindsey often describes herself as an illustrator/maker. She resides in Toronto where she is inspired by the culture of the city as well as the juxtaposition of a break in the country. Lindsey is most often influenced by all things old and has a habit of collecting vintage objects such as catalogs, sheet music, and wallpaper to reference in her work. While a needle and thread are her favorite tools she loves to draw intricately with a mechanical pencil and pen. The combination of these materials brings a sense of intuitive exploration to her work.

Her latest focus is on Only in Fields; a brand dedicated to communicating the value of handmade through screen printed t-shirts, posters and stationery. Only in Fields will also be printing letterpress goods in the year to come.

Lindsey’s work has been awarded by the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communication (CAPIC), Creative Quarterly magazine, Applied Arts magazine as well as American Illustration. She received her Bachelor of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) in Toronto.